Thursday, November 5, 2009

Latest family photo!

Monday, July 13, 2009

4-wheeling, fireworks, food and family fun on the 4th

Checking out the mines at 5 mile pass.

Bryce and cute prego Katie

Tyler and Briggs

Annie and Marie

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Briggs is growing up

So the other morning I got ready to go to the grocery store. Briggs was in his bedroom playing with some toys. I went in and said "Briggs you should clean up this bedroom, it is a mess." He didn't say anything and I thought, yea right, not going to happen. A little while later I went to the store and left Marie in charge. Marie couldn't hear anything from upstairs and so she went to check on Briggs. She went in his bedroom and all the toys had been picked up and put away. She thought I had done it but couldn't see Briggs right away. She looked in his closet and there was Briggs putting his toys away. She said "Briggs did you put your toys away?" He said, Yea, I am cleaning my room. These little ones go here, and these go here and he continued to explain where the toys went. She said, Briggs are you growing up? He said yep, and now you go and clean your room. After his room was all done he went in and helped Marie do hers. I thought it might be a fluke but then today when he was meeting his preschool teacher for the first time, he went over to where a little girl had been playing with a kitchen set and saw that she had left the food toys out. He came back and said he was going to clean up the toys she left out. Yea! There is hope!

Monday, March 30, 2009


The family escaped for the weekend away from the snow, to sunny Moab! This was called Tusher Tunnels. It was very fun because we didn't need a torch! It was ok to go toward the light at the end of this tunnel.

Briggs loved playing in the sand.

Daredevil Cliffhanger

Marie hangin off a cliff. See what happens when you live on the edge? It was a good thing her dad was on top of that ledge.

Marie climbing in between rocks. She wanted to scale 2 walls at the same time!

Tyler taking it all in and scaring his mother to death! Click on this picture to make it bigger, it will give you the whillies!

Tyler's version of "Atlas"

What a stud! A man and his GPS are never parted in this country.

Beautiful rock formations! Fun to climb too!

Briggs and Dad takin in the scenery!
Now I will give you just a few of the choice little things Briggs said this past weekend.

As you can tell from some of these pictures, there were a few dangerous spots. Not a good place for a nieve 3 year old with NO FEAR! We were standing on a cliff at Gemini Bridges when he looked over the edge while I had a death grip on him and he said, "I want to jump off there"

Soon I heard him saying over and over "Mom I'm fine!"
Then it was "Watch your step"
While waiting for Elwin to buy our tour book at the visitors center Briggs was looking out the window and would say "Wow, look at the size of that truck". Every 2 seconds there was a new truck to say that about.
One choice one this trip was "mom cover my nose, daddy farted"
Last but not least, Briggs was sitting at the dinner table wiggling like there was no tomorow. I said Briggs what are you doing? (like I didn't know) He said "I'm trying to wiggle the pee back inside." Ok, that I didn't know.
Never a dull moment at our house with Briggs.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The family went snow skiing!!

Elwin and Briggs on the ski lift! He was looking down at the ground and then at me wondering if this was such a good idea. Really he loved it! You gotta love Tyler and Marie's form. Briggs is in for some great training!

Photo moment

We picked a beautiful day and went skiing at Solitude Ski Resort! Count'em 4 skiers and 1 boarder! We had 3 other boarders that couldn't make it this day. We lathered on the sunscreen and spent the day. Briggs did great for his first time! Thanks for the tickets Candace!